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At Parés Baltà every day is International Women’s Day

The women of Parés Baltà

Parés Baltà is a winery that speaks with a woman’s voice; not only because the oenologists are women, sisters-in-law who both love with the world of wine, but also because Parés Baltà is a winery where the presence of women is, and has always been, crucial.

On International Women’s Day, we want to give bring to your attention and share with you the voices of the women who make up the Parés Baltà team. Each and every one of them is a key part of this family winery;

because “great achievements have never been reached individually, but with the effort, perseverance and union of a great team.”

Today the women of Parés Baltà speak to you through their favourite wines, and they do so with a marked emotional accent. The emotions that our wines arouse in them through their flavours, aromas and textures, leading to their expression of their love for nature and the passion and affection of our winemakers.

Amphora Roja “I believe in pure, clean and well-made natural wines, with quality grapes and a rigorous knowledge of viticulture and oenology. The fact that they are made without added sulphites allows them to be less limited and to communicate more. Amphora Roja is a clear example of this combination”.

Calcari “The aroma of my land in a glass; the fennel that I smell when walking through the Penedés, the minerality that reminds me of summer afternoons by the sea, the sincerity of the people around me.”

Mas Irene “A pleasure for the senses, red fruits, toasted bread, the smoothness in the mouth, all of it takes me back to the memory of evening strolls among the vineyards of the Penedès.”

Absis “A wine that brings me calm and tranquillity, to enjoy on special days, in relaxed surroundings, savouring its intensity and power to the full. A wine of exquisite contrasts”.

Ginesta “Fragrance that captivates just by its aroma, from its frankness and spontaneity. Elegance, freshness and boldness of grapes planted at the foot of the Hermitage de Foix.”

Honeymoon “The brightness and sweetness of the Penedès is reflected in this white Parellada wine.”

Hisenda Miret “For me Hisenda Miret represents a sixth sense as it expresses itself in so many different ways. I enjoy looking at it, smelling it, listening to it and tasting it. It permeates my palate… and the sixth sense is the one that make you feel alive!”

Electio “I like this wine because it is special. It is uniquely characteristic and that’s what makes it different from any other white wine.”

Cosmic “The perfect fresh and aromatic wine for those timeless evenings with friends where the superficial is put aside and good emotions are celebrated.”

Radix “In the first vintage of this wine we were asked to make the best rosé wine in the world. And I thought, I don’t know if it will be the best rosé, but I’m sure it will surprise everyone“.

Cuvée de Carol “It gives us the precious story of the bubbles that come from an old vineyard. It was created in 1995 by the second generation of Parés Baltà”.

We invite you all to rate the Parés Baltà wine that has touched you most and share it with us. We look forward to hearing from you!