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A microvinification of gewürztraminer. An organic wine, intense and aromatic

The cool microclimate of our gewürztraminer vineyard, located on the highest peaks of the Penedès, allows us to bring the full aromatic potential of this famous variety to the glass, while the sun of the Penedès allows the grapes to fully ripen to achieve a full, smooth palate.

Gewürztraminer is a grape variety originating from the cool alpine slopes of Trentino-Alto Adige in north-eastern Italy. It is a cold-adapted grape variety, which at Parés Baltà we grow at an altitude of over 600 metres above sea level, in one of the coolest microclimates in the Penedès.

A wine that is only made in the best vintages.


Vegan Wine
Certified Organic Agriculture by CCPAE

Tasting Note


Straw yellow crystalline colour.


Intense terpenic notes, floral (orange blossom and jasmine) and citrus (orange peel, lime) aromas.


In the mouth it is full and oily, with a good acidity that balances it and augurs a good ageing. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste of sweet citrus fruits.

“Fruity, a discovery of aromas and excellent flavour.”


Oscar A. Tomàs


Made from 100% gewürztraminer grown organically and biodynamically on our highest estates in the Penedès.


Manual harvest. Arrival at the winery followed by gentle pressing. Fermentation at 15ºC in stainless steel vats for 12 days.

Wine made with biodynamic grapes and with minimum intervention in the winery.

Wine suitable for vegans.

How to pair this organic and vegan wine

The sweetness of gewürztraminer makes it perfect for pairing with spicy Asian food. Ideal with Sushi.

Recommended serving temperature between 8ºC and 10°C.

When to enjoy it

On your evenings of Sushi or Asian cuisine.


Guía Peñin. 90 points.

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