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The stories of the inspiring women in our family; 4 generations of strong women

Parés Baltà women

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to share the stories of the inspiring women in our family; 4 generations of strong women.

Parés Baltà has always been a truly family business, with all immediate family members involved at every level.

In 1978, Mr. Joan Cusiné Hill took over the winery. Born in 1917 he came from a vine grower family. At the age of 80, he was still helping his grandsons to care about some of the vineyards, always with the help and support of his wife, Rosa. Together they survived to the civil war and together they worked hand by hand to produce the finest wines of Penedès.

Grandma Rosa together with Grandpa Joan bequeathed the heritage of family values: love for nature, honesty, effort and courage.

Might Rosa be the first woman to drive a horse to plow the vineyard, might she be one of that generation of women who forget her life to live for the others.

To this brave woman we dedicated our sparkling wine Rosa Cusiné; a tribute to the work of a lifetime, to the wisdom, energy and vitality of Grandma Rosa.

Maria Angels Carol credits her mother-in-law as an inspiration. Maria Angels, has been always by the side of his husband, Joan, helping him to show our wines all over the world. They spent their honeymoon in Finland, and it was there where the recognition for our wines started. Nowadays, Maria Angels is still working as a Financial Manager.

To this smart woman we produce our sparkling wine Cuvée de Carol that reminds us of a lady from the haute bourgeoisie, full of elegance and refinement.

Maria Elena and Marta have played a key role in revolutionizing the perception and quality of Parés Baltà wines. It was love that piqued Maria Elena and Marta’s interest in wine. Maria Elena was a chemist and Marta a pharmacist. They got married with the 3rd generation of the family, Joan and Josep Cusiné and since 1999, the two sisters-in-law are in charge of the technical side of the business, being responsible of grape growing and wine making. They elaborate contemporary and balanced wines, made with a lot of care and passion.

Their wines are Marta de Baltà, an expression of the strength of the female character, and Mas Elena, a wine full of character and balance, as powerful as Maria Elena.

Finally, the youngest ones, Irene and Blanca Cusiné. They are still studying but at the same time helping the family during the weekends, welcoming visitors and showing them the magic of our wines, made by their mother and aunt.

Sparkling wine Blanca Cusiné was born at the same time of Joan and Maria Elena daughter. And Mas Irene a concentrated, serious but kind wine dedicated to the eldest daughter of the family.

Parés Baltà is a closed cycle where origin, heritage, tradition, innovation and vision go hand in hand.