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For the Saint George’s Day give books, roses and organic wine from Parés Baltà!

April 23rd is a date marked on the calendar for all Catalans, a special day that we all celebrate in one way or another. During Saint George’s day, roses and books take centre stage flooding town squares and streets, creating a festive atmosphere worthy of a Fiesta Mayor.

It is a day when young and old enjoy exchanging books and roses, hugs and kisses. Excitement is in the air and love is all around. If you couldn’t already tell, it is the day of lovers for the Catalan people, just like Valentine’s Day in other parts of the world.

And as Sant Jordi (or Saint George) is just around the corner, from Parés Baltà we want to encourage you to enjoy and celebrate the day by proposing a new type of gift, or even better, a well-deserved gift for yourself.

Predictably our recommendations are linked to wine and wine tourism, because we all agree that a great day has never been celebrated with water or toasted with soda. Of course, it is not something that replaces the traditional gift of a book or a rose, but a complement that allows you to continue creating beautiful and special memories with the ones you love the most.

  • Rosa Cusiné, a sparkling rosé wine born in recognition of a lifetime’s work, the wisdom, energy and vitality of Rosa Cusiné, the first generation of the family. A long aged, single-varietal cava. Made exclusively with the Grenache variety. With it we express the great potential of this variety so rooted in our traditions and with which we attempt to honour the memory of our ancestors. In this organic rosé cava we find a synergy of elegance, structure and smoothness that make it unique. We are sure you will love it.
  • Indigena Rosé, an organic rosé wine made from 100% Grenache, fresh and intense. The freshness of the Foix mountains where these vineyards grow and a light maceration of the ripe grapes are the key to this very special, lively and elegant rosé wine. The paleness of its colour contrasts with the intensity of the fruit in the nose and mouth.
  • Radix, a new concept of organic single varietal Syrah rosé wine designed for those who are not satisfied with the classic style, who decline to follow fashions. A wine that makes a difference from the first moment. Radix is a wine that we only make in the best vintages and that perfectly fulfils the saying “to be a rosé with the soul of a red“.
  • Marta de Baltà, a 100% organic syrah wine dedicated to love. With this micro vinification of old vineyards we want to express the complexity and strength of the feminine character. A monographic where the syrah fills the palate with smooth velvet and an infinity of nuances, which integrate beautifully to form a symphony of flavours and aromas. Dedicated to Marta Casas, one of the winery’s winemakers and wife of the third generation of the family. This wine was born at the same time as the love between Marta and Josep, it shows us the importance of love and passion as motivation to achieve our dreams.
  • Gift Voucher Pairing: wine and chocolate, a sublime experience of contrasts and flavours that will awaken all your senses. Through this experience you will discover the infinite possibilities of pairing different types of chocolates with some of our most gastronomic wines and champagnes, finding the perfect combination will be a delicious experience!
  • Gift Card Terroir Tour, the most adventurous trip through the mountains of the Penedés that has inspired more than one to ask for the hand of your partner in-situ. With this guided 4×4 tour through the highest mountains of the Penedés, located in the Protected Area of Foix, you will discover some of the most beautiful, romantic and unknown corners of this wine region.