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Mà Estesa


The Solidarity Wine

Mà Estesa (“outstretched hand”) is a wine born from the perseverance and passion of winemaker Marta Casas and finds its roots in Marta’s extensive social collaboration with organizations dedicated to solidarity work and humanitarian aid aimed at the most vulnerable and needy social strata.

Its name, Mà Estesa, and the illustration on the label, have been deliberately chosen to capture the essence of the gesture of solidarity. Marta Casas explains: “With this wine we want to convey a message of solidarity and generosity. We firmly believe in the power of a kind gesture and the impact it can have on people’s lives.”

Mà Estesa is not just a wine; it is a commitment to the well-being of all people. It presents itself as a hand extended not only in name, but also in practice. The initiative aims to actively collaborate with non-profit organizations, foundations and associations whose focus is on supporting educational programs and other activities that foster the sustainable development of the most vulnerable communities.

Through Mà Estesa, we aspire to weave a network of support that extends as far as possible, making a significant contribution to improving the living conditions of those who need it most.


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Vegan Wine
Certified Organic Agriculture by CCPAE

Tasting Note


Violet and mauve colour.


Bold, intense, very ripe fruit and floral touches.


Silky on the palate, light body and fresh.

Help us to help.

Parés Baltà


Syrah and Tempranillo grown organically and biodynamically in our vineyards in the Penedès.


The grapes are harvested by hand and after receiving the grapes in the winery, they are gently pressed and fermented at 21ºC in stainless steel tanks for 2 weeks with 3 daily remuage.
Wine suitable for vegans.
Organic wine made from biodynamically grown grapes and with minimal intervention in the winery.

How to enjoy this Solidarity Wine

Share this solidarity wine with friends, family and neighbors, explain your gesture of solidarity and get them to take part too.

When to enjoy it

Get-togethers with friends where important and not so important things are discussed.

Or give the bottle of wine as a gift and share your solidarity with your beloved ones.


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