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Harvest Report 2015

The drop in production was due mainly to the lack of rain during the growing cycle of the plant. But this fact has been offset perfectly with the high quality of the grapes. With the drought, there has been less vegetative growth and the development of diseases has been nonexistent. This has resulted in a perfect health of the grapes.

In the course of the month of august, we collected white grape varieties such as Xarel·lo or Sauvignon Blanc that are used to elaborate our young white wines Cosmic or aged as the Electio. This year the white varieties present themselves with intense aromas.

Full of energy and with a harvest that appeared long, we started the 2015 harvest on the 10th of August, by harvesting Chardonnay. This white grape variety and some others that are used to make cava are harvested early, as the cava do not need much grade and so we harvested them when the grapes have not reached their optimum ripeness. Based cava wines have been very fruity and very well balanced.

With the arrival of September, the harvest continued with the red varieties to produce rosé wines, which following the latest trends tend to have fruity notes and very pale tones, as a result we have Indigena rosé.

Rains started timidly but refreshed the atmosphere and the grapes appreciated that! September was cooler than usual which delayed the harvest of late ripening varieties. So, in late September we picked Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, etc.

Skins maturation went very well accompanied by the maturation of sugars and acids, so we anticipate that after the aging in barrels…

6th of October, the final stretch! The harvest finished with Parellada from the estate of the Subal, situated at 700 meters above the sea level. This variety, native from the Penedès Region, grows in altitude and it’s a plant with a long vegetative cycle. This is why it is always the last variety to be harvested until next season.
Perseverance and effort are the words that can define better this long harvest but the real reward will come once the wines are ready. We still have to wait a little bit because they are just fermenting but the results are very promising!!!