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What does Elaborador Integral mean?


In 2022 Parés Baltà obtained the seal of “Elaborador Integral”, along with 13 other wineries of the DO Cava (Cava Appellation)

The Cava Denomination of Origin is recognized worldwide for its sparkling wines made according to the traditional or champenoise method, which is produced in several Spanish wine regions, but mainly and originally in Catalonia. There are more than 200 winemakers in this appellation, but only 13 have obtained the ““Elaborador Integral”” seal.

The “Elaborador Integral” is a winery that controls the entire production process of its cava, from harvesting to bottling, and does so within its own facilities and vineyards. This process allows us greater control over the quality of the final product and greater traceability throughout the process, which translates into a sparkling wine of high quality and exclusivity.

The “Elaborador Integral”s are distinguished by our commitment to quality and excellence in the production of cava using hand-harvested grapes from our own vineyards, which allows us to take care of every detail of the production process and obtain a sparkling wine of great complexity and uniqueness.

The DO Cava “Elaborador Integral”s have a very special commitment to the territory, which is reflected in the care we take of our vineyards, in the selection of the grapes and in the production of the cava; we are committed to sustainability and the preservation of the environment, using techniques and practices that respect the environment and the biodiversity of the territory. In our case, we have been practicing biodynamic agriculture certified by Demeter since 2013. The requirements of the Demeter Standard are higher than what is required for organic products, they are very special requirements which strengthen the vital processes of the soil and food. We, Demeter farmers, actively contribute to creating a dignified future, offering healthy food with distinctive flavors and character.

The figure of the “Elaborador Integral” in the DO Cava is also governed by very strict rules established by the Regulatory Board of the DO Cava. These rules guarantee the quality and authenticity of the cava produced by the winemakers and establish the necessary requirements to be considered an “Elaborador Integral”.

Among these requirements are the obligation to have our own vineyards, the completion of the entire process of making cava in our facilities, the control and monitoring of the entire production process, the use of grape varieties authorized by the Cava DO, and compliance with the quality parameters established by the Regulatory Council.

In summary, the “Elaborador Integral” figure represents a commitment to quality and exclusivity in the production of cava. “Elaboradores Integrales” control the entire production process, from the vineyard to the bottling, allowing us to obtain a sparkling wine of great complexity and uniqueness that reflects the territory and the care of the land.

Parés Baltà cavas combine tradition and modernity. They were the first wines to be produced in the family winery and they are balanced, high quality and with a marked Mediterranean character.

All our sparkling wines are organic, certified by the CCPAE, and are made from grapes grown biodynamically.
We vinify our sparkling wine according to the traditional or champanoise method, with a second fermentation in the bottle. The most important transformation that the must undergoes in the process of becoming wine is fermentation. This is a process caused by a yeast in the grape, which transforms the sugar present in the must into various compounds, including alcohol.

Once the first fermentation has finished in stainless steel tanks, the wine is separated from the solid matter deposited at the bottom of the fermentation vats, and natural precipitation is carried out at a low temperature in order to eliminate the last particles in suspension and leave the wine clean.

There are different types of sparkling wines, but only the highest quality ones contain the bubbles from a second fermentation in the same bottle. The subsequent ageing process in the bottle that characterises them allows them to acquire their organoleptic characteristics and to gain complexity over time.

At Parés Baltà, we make a wide range of long-aged cavas, some of which can remain in the cellar for up to 100 months, such as the Cavas MicrocuvéeBlanca CusinéRosa Cusiné and Cuvée de Carol.

Our goal is for anyone, whether a wine expert or a weekend consumer, to enjoy our wines and have a great experience with them.