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The culmination of a year of hard work – It´s harvest time!

We have already started to harvest what it will be the next vintages of Parés Baltà wines. Marta Casas and Maria Elena, our winemakers, have fired the starting shot for the Parés Baltà harvest 2018.

It is a crazy time. They have to be aware of all that is happening in all of our vineyards which, as maybe you know, are in 5 different estates situated in the mountains and around the winery.

Each and every one of our vineyards is world unto itself. Each has a different kind of soil and microclimate and, for this reason, the process of ripening is unique.  At this moment Marta and Elena have decided to start picking our Macabeu variety grapes.

We pick our grapes by hand, and that lets us work in a mindful and quiet way. We are surrounded by nature, listening to the life present in our vineyards: the song of the cicadas and, sometimes, the song of a harvester. This attitude will also be reflected in our wines. Although it can sound strange, it is our philosophy! We always try to instil good vibes in our vines, and not disturb the balance of the vineyard.

We are having such hot days that sometimes being out under the sun is really difficult. But, as Joan Pagès says, ‘working without happiness is like a punishment‘, so we all go to our vineyards with a big smile, enjoying the harvest as much as possible for what it is, the fruit of our labor.

The harvest has just started, but we do not know when it will finish. We will explain all the details to you because we would like you to feel involved in these magic moments wherever you are.