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Organic and biodynamic farming; winegrower calendar


At home we are very happy to tell you the viticulture work we have been doing during the last months, just now that we are almost ready to start the harvest, and in the middle of the maelstrom of ripening controls; controls that will allow us to obtain an exhaustive knowledge of the ripening of the grapes of each one of the plots of our 5 estates, and that it will indicate the optimal moment to start harvesting each variety. By the way, do you know that the first native variety is the Macabeo?

But to get here, at the optimum point of maturation, before we have made a long way, a path that we like, that satisfies us, that excites us, because it reminds us that what we do is what we want to do; organic and biodynamic wines, special and unique, able to transmit the personality of our different terroirs, microclimates and varieties.

Are you ready? So, let’s begin the journey through the life cycle of the vines that allows us to observe how wisdom nature is, and that together with the meteorological phenomena, makes us think about what are the most suitable actions for each stage.


During the first months of the year – January, February – it is time to prune. After a few months of rest, the vine, still a little bit sleepy, looks forward to the expert hands of the winegrower who, with great care and wisdom, will shape it. Pruning is one of the most important works in the vineyard, crucial for the good development of the plant, as it helps us prolong the life of the strains, improve their yield and most important, the quality of the grapes. Do you know that at home, we prune following the biodynamic calendar? Yes, because the wisdom of this type of ancestral viticulture, which our grandfather already practiced, shows us each single year, that the vine is more alive, more energetic and that the grape is tastier.

But the cycle continues, and after pruning, the vine is reborn. How beautiful it is to be reborn year after year, renewed and full of energy!

At March the vine begins to sprout, small shoots still shy looking for the first rays of sun, ascending to the sky, full of strength, predicting a rainy year, but not too much, the right measure to give the best of itself, a tasty grape that transmits the personality of our soils and native varieties so ingrained to our land. And soon it is time to prune again, this time, green pruning, the aim is to remove the excess of leaves from the vine, to allow the air circulates more freely and the sun arrives more easily, to avoid humidity that could create fungal diseases to our grapes.

And we are already in July, and depending on the weather of each vegetative cycle – rainier or less- we do the green harvest by cutting some of the grapes before they ripen. The main goal is to increase the concentration and character of those ones left on the vines. The amount kept depends on the climatology of the year, but for example in the case of the Grenache used for our Hisenda Miret wine, we take away more than 50% of the grapes.

And finally August, and the harvest is very close, and we are all nervous and excited equally, walking through the vineyards, observing the grape ripening process, and looking at the sky, waiting for some rain but not a hailstorm.

We are ready, are you? Join us and discover everything what is hidden in a bottle of organic and biodynamic wine and cava; a world full of small details that we take care of with rigor but also with a lot of passion.

We wish a healthy and happy harvest to all!


If you are interested in biodynamic viticulture or want to know a little more about the viticulture works of the entire vegetative cycle of the strain, send us a comment and we will answer all your questions.