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Harvest continues with Xarel·lo!

Now is the turn of Xarel·lo from one of the most magical vineyards of the cellar, where we have been cultivating this local variety for the last 80 years… And it is one of our best-kept treasures!

Year after year, these Xarel·lo grapes have gained in maturity and experience. As a consequence, this vineyard is able to cope with bad weather conditions, like this year’s drought, while still showing a constant balance, a high graduation and a good acidity.

In fact, between the 5th and the 9th of September we suffered another heat wave. We actually even reached 35ºC at some points. However, since that week the temperatures have decreased gradually, especially at nights. That change in the weather is perfect for the hydration of the plants, which needs to prepare the last phase of the ripening.From these small vineyards of Xarel·lo, we will obtain two limited productions of monovarietals white wines: Electio and Amphora. In the Electio wine, the Xarel·lo will age for 4 months inside oak barrels whereas in the Amphora natural wine, the Xarel·lo will ferment inside clay amphorae, following our ancestors’ method. In both wines we try to intensify the expression of the wisdom and the good memories of this old vineyard.