3 xarel·los

Xarel·lo Collection (3 bottles)

We have prepared this collection of 3 bottles of white wine elaborated by 100% xarel·lo grapes and vinified in a radical different way.

  • Calcari: the purest expression of the variety, fermented in stainless steel tank.
  • Amphora Roja: a natural xarel·lo wine, vinified in amphorae, as it was made by Iberian more than 2000 thousand years ago.
  • Electio: made by grapes from our oldest vineyard and fermented in oak barrel. It has a long life, as red wines.


  • Electio 2016

    Xarel·lo from old vines.

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Calcari 2019

    The purest expression.

  • Amphora Roja 2019

    Natural wine.


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Certified Organic
Agriculture by CCPAE
Certified Biodynamic
Agriculture by Demeter


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