Ecological values, biodynamic tradition

Passion for the natural

Alongside with emphasis on tradition and quality, the environmentally respectful cultivation of the vines is key to Parés Baltà’s sense of identity. All our wines are certified as organic and our vineyards as biodynamic (by Demeter)

Certified biodynamics

Following our innovative spirit, in 2010 we began our theoretical studies on biodynamic agriculture which we later would apply to the vineyards.

In 2011 the first compounds were used in some experimental plots.One year later, the excellent results encouraged us to extend the experience to the entire vineyard.

Biodynamic farming seeks to provide maximum vitality, self-balance and harmony to the vineyard. We work with biodynamic preparations and homeopathic remedies that help convey the influences of the cosmos to the vineyard. All those treatments give our vineyards high fertility and a natural pest control.

It is an agriculture based on biodiversity and astronomy (not astrology).

Organic Farming

At Parés Baltà we cultivate the vineyards in an ecological way without any use of herbicides, pesticides or any chemical fertilizer. In order to fertilize our soils, we have our own flock of sheep that takes cares of the vineyards after the harvest.

We also have bees that pollinate the vines during the flowering season.
In ecological farming it is crucial to treat the plants at the right moment. For instance, we are doing a green pruning to increase the air circulation and the sun exposure with varieties that are more susceptible to disease.

Besides, we do a green harvest by thinning out the grapes before they ripen. The main goal is to increase the concentration and character of the grapes left on the vine. The resulting amount of grapes depends on the climatology of the year, but for example in the case of the Grenache used for our Hisenda Miret wine, we take away more than 50% of the grapes.

Some of our vineyards lie on the mountains of Penedés where we are cultivating vines on terraces prepared centuries ago. Those terraces were nearly abandoned due to their high cost of maintenance but we started to use them again to cultivate not so common varieties in the Penedès. The estates are completely isolated and only surrounded by wild nature and woods. Wild animals like wild boars, foxes, rabbits and Bonelli’s eagles are frequently seen around the vineyards. Wild boars seem to be real gourmets since they only eat very ripen grapes.

No artificial irrigation is done. The only water that the vines receive comes directly from the rain or is taken by the roots from groundwater.

Natural Wines

2.000 years ago, the Iberians used clay from the Foix mountains to make amphorae… Now we take their legacy to ferment our wines in amphorae, also made with the clay coming from our vineyards.

A natural wine is made with as little chemical and technological intervention as possible: both while growing the grapes and when proceeding them into wine. Strictly speaking, Natural Wines are wines produced without adding or removing anything during the winemaking process.

After harvesting by hand the grapes of our old Xarel·lo vines, the wine arises from a natural alcoholic fermentation in clay amphorae. The porosity of those amphorae cause a hyper oxidation and lead all the oxidizable particles to the bottom. As a result, we get a crystal-clear wine.

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