Parés Baltà Environmental Commitment

Parés Baltà
Environmental Commitment


Since the origins of the winery around the 1790’s, the care and respect to the environment have been fundamental pillars at Parés Baltà. We have always grown our grapes organically without herbicides, pesticides or any other artificial chemicals, and the same principles are being applied to work in the cellar, where a 100% of our wines are certified as organic.
Indeed, we are well aware that our environment gives us life and that it is our duty to protect it and preserve it.

Therefore, we have established the following points as part of charter for the Environment:
1. To cultivate our vineyards following the organic and biodynamic regulations and to produce our wines meeting the current environmental legislation, while progressively exceeding it with other voluntary requirements.

2. To minimize the environmental impact of our products and services with a responsible use of water and reducing the waste throughout its life cycle considering the reuse, selective collection and use of biodegradable and eco-friendly products.

3. To reduce the energy consumption and to increase the use of renewable energies whenever it is possible.

4. To engage in actions that contribute to the preservation of the flora and fauna of the region, especially the natural area of the river Foix, where some of our vineyards grow.

5. To carry out regular assessments of our environmental practices in order to correct and improve them, with a special focus on the prevention of pollution.

6. To train our employees and share our philosophy with them, so each member can contribute to the environmental performance of the winery in their respective jobs.

7. To work with suppliers who share our concern for the environment and that help us to work more ecologically, in addition to encourage those who have not yet done it.

8. To spread these values ​​and commitment with our stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers and the community where the activity takes place.

9. To use this Environmental Commitment as a framework to set up and review the objectives and actions of the company in this issue.

10. To review this policy every four years in order to adapt it to the new environmental challenges.

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